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[[circled]] 55 [[/circled]]
Saw Martha McCook to-day just back from Italy and had a talk with her and Gertrude.
Packed a trunk with costumes etc to go to Corfu with a bunch of Ys - and interviewed them and gave suggestions and outline of the plan of "Army Talent" development.
Went with Mr. Dickinson to Mr. Davis - in charge of the F'oyer du Soldat and made an arrangement whereby I can get Dickinson as coach-
An interesting development will come of this I feel sure.
Got hold of another man - Mr. Frederick - who will go with Mr. Schoemacher to Calaise
Wednesday 17 - July.
Sent a cable to Corrina to-day saying all went very well with me and my project - Also sent one to Winthrop Ames - telling him the plan grows and our needs also - need many more costumes - banjos
[which cannot be bought here] and Popular song music and [[underlined]] Coaches [[/underlined]].  the cable calls for reply
Got hold of another coach to-day - and had interviews with two Regional Entertainment Sec. Went to Hotel France et Chevisent - and walked to H.Q. with Gertrude - met George Paine - who didn't know me
The "Great Hun Drive" seems to have met up with stone walls. - and a most costly operation for them The news this morning is still good.
Looks very much as tho Quentin Rosefeldt had perished in his falling flaming plane
Met Jim Perkins who seemed sure it was so
- The "Army Talent" grows apace - and I am forced to make application - at H.Q. - to have