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It looks as tho Soissons could be taken by us (French and American) as the surrounding heights are in our hands
At 11.15 this morning I saw Mr. Carter who seemed pleased at my report. and who said I should go up to the English region [4]. as soon as I liked - and he thought I had better go to England and Italy too -  He is well posted it seems on the progress of my plans -
Saw Jack. going into the "Allied Club" and lunched there with him. and were joined there later by Major Cutcheon.
Pulled in two more coaches for "Army Talent" to-day. and had a satisfactory talk over [[?]] situation with one of the Librarians this afternoon
Good report came in to-day from Dijon from K.C. Brown
- Went to Jacks rooms at 6.30. and found the curator of sculpture at the Louvre there.  He told us that Gifrey had just been made head of the [[pictures?]] department of the Louvre.
Dined with Carl Taylor - Paul Cravach - F. Jack - at the  "Ambassadors" and after dinner heard a vivid story of personal experience in Sunday night's battle from a Colonel. who was partially gassed. Wonderful moonlight and on my way home 
I sat for an hour on Champs Elyses and talked with a a young refugee from Lille a dressmaker - her story was interesting in the extreme - typical of course of thousands of others - none the less interesting to hear first hand - while I sat there - one of the great "Sausages"

Transcription Notes:
Sausages - The French called the WWI zeppelins "Saucisses" which literally means sausages. The Ambassadors may be Ambassadeurs