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Sunday 21
The morning brought good news from the Front. 400 guns - 18.000 Prisoners - and Chateau Thiery in the hands of the American - and the Hun driven back to the upper side of the Historic Marne again 
It is such inspiring news and our pride in the share American troops had and are having in this great battle - we are not mindful of the great reserve military power of our enemy - he doesn't begin to be licked yet - or perhaps he is just beginning  
I went to see Harry this morning and told him about the fine 18th Dynastic head of a Priest which [[?]] has -
With Carl Taylor (now Captain) Jack and Caroline Hill  I went to lunch - in a garden restaurant - outside of Paris - "La Special" and Caroline told me all her English experiences which were interesting and amusing.  afterwards we went to Morangis and saw the delightful colony of boys - out under the shade of the trees we sat and watched them do some charming  little plays - I afterwards did some tricks and it was a charming afternoon
The American Aviation Camp. on the way to Morangis - was larger than ever - and. being Sunday was more crowded with visitors than before
Dined at Mildred's - Jack and Fred [[?]] Mildred and Robert.  
Fred and I walked home together. in the light of a full moon.
Fred seems to think the end will be a compromise - not so much as a bad licking of the Germans - but he has just returned from a visit at the English Front

Transcription Notes:
Chateau Thiery = Ch´┐Żeau-Thierry