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Voyage of the "Stella".
Grandfather. Grandmother. Joe and Corinna. Rebecca and Frances. and Jeanette arrived in Egypt from Venice November 4 1906.  Some of us stayed in Cairo. the rest at Helouan. while Grandfather and Joe hunted for Dahabeyah's up and down the banks of the Nile - plenty of Dahabeyah's - but all too dear for us. at last when Joe had planned to go to Assouan to take the old "Abou Simbel". we heard through Michael Casira a Greek Antiquity merchant in Cairo, that a countryman of his one. Georges Spiliotti had a good boat the price of which come some where near our figures - and while Joe and Corinna were at Sakkara. spending Sunday with the Quibell's  Grandfather went to see the boat. and telegraphed to Joe. that it was a lucky find.
The "Stella" is much bigger than any boat we have ever had before and there is plenty of room in her for us all. with a possible guest - Rebecca is to have a room to herself opposite Grandfathers. while Frances and Jeanette have the large room in the stern.
The Greek Spiliottis - is a sharp. hard. miser. and a Greek to boot. a combination hard to beat. and we didn't beat him - after many interviews in his shop [opposite Shepheard's] we at last came to an understanding and

Transcription Notes:
Again in this volume, he uses appostrophys to make nouns plural, and he sprinkled periods for commas almost randomly about the page. According to Wikipedia, James Edward Quibell (11 November 1867 ? June 5, 1935[1]) was a British Egyptologist, born in Newport, Shropshire.