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and was present at bargain and finished trade - and with Grandpa bought the bulk of our stores. while Grandma and Corinna looked after the "Fleureut" items. which came to about $160.
[[insertion from left page]] The dead woman [[/insertion from left page]]
Abdulla and Abdulrachman arrived on the ..21st and with them came the "old folk's spring beds. and the babies bath tub - we were then ready to start up the river - but delays prevented. and yet. more delays [we never got off so quickly though]
[[insertion from left page]] 1st day 13 miles [[/insertion from left page]]
At last on Friday [[insertion]] 23 [[/insertion]] we left the bank and waited an hour near Giserah for two of the crew. and about 3.30 reached Helouan. from where the voyage was really to commence.
The little people with Corinna and Jeanette. came on board next morning and our departure was delayed, by the non appearance. of the small felluka with the head. which was to have followed us. from Cairo. with the Second Reis and two more crew.  Frances was recovering from a slight illness, and we were just as well pleased to stay one night. more [[?]] a Doctors reach. 
[[insertion from left page]] 3d [[strikethrough]] 1st [[/strikethrough]] day [[/insertion from left page]]
On Sunday. November. 25 we began the Voyage. with the following crew.  
[[two columns]]
[[left column]]
Reis Mahommed Inowé
IT Reis  Ausman
cook Abdelal
[[/left column]]
[[right column]]
Hassan  x
Saide  x
Ibrahim  x
Mahomet Kher
[[/right column]]
} left at Darr Muass Dec 16
[[/two columns]]

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