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K and L to-day
A very hot Summer like day with South Wind until late in the afternoon when it came again from the North West.
Egyptian callers came this afternoon  and Father entertained them.
Mohammed left us to-day for Assouan. in company with Bedoui Fadill.
Grandpa put up the tent to-day and we [[underlined]] know [[/underlined]] it is cleaner than it was but it hardly looks very different.
Last night a Christmas pudding all afire came in and we started in with a will to eat it all up. but it weighed too much - and when Abdalla left the room. we all deliberated as to how it could be disposed of. without eating it. and without hurting the feelings of the cook. who had spent  much time on its construction.
It came again to Table to-night. and Grandpa volenteered to dispose of a large quantity in the morning. when he makes his early promenade across the sands before breakfast.
Grandpa accepts the popular verdict that his white linen hat is not fit to be seen in. and threw it away. and Esia rescues it from the Nile. where it was thrown. and Dowé appears in it to-night after dinner. masquerading as a beggar.
Corinna Jeannette and both babies went donkeying to Der el Bahri this afternoon. and had a delightful time arriving home again at sundown.
The painter brought home his picture finished from Luxor temple to-night
Saw Mr. Lapsley this afternoon in the temple.
     No chickens can be found in Luxor - and we look with gourmandic eyes