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K and L    Bright sunny day - with a cold West wind.
Corinna went with Joe this morning to Karnak - poor donkey. native saddle - poor reins poor bridle - no bits - bad stirrups, and yet she stayed on. and seemed to enjoy the journey as she certainly did. the morning's quite study. and a pleasant conversation with Mr Legrand.
Mother and Jeannette attended church this afternoon. and were the only worshipers there
The little boat was painted this morning by Dowé and Shaihi - bright red. with blue and white trimmings. and quite improved and transformed
One of the most perfect days neither hot nor cold.
K and L       The painter went to Karnak this morning by boat. [[insertion]] the Rebeca & Francis [[/insertion]] a new and very pleasant way. Taking a little under half an hour. from the boat. to my work - came home at mid day in a perfect calm, so our sail was useless. and it took 45 minutes. Dowé and Shaihi came down the shore a little distance and "tracked" us along.
Georgie Lee and her husband arrived in Luxor this morning by train and left at 2. for Assouan by Cook Post boat. leaving a letter for us. saying they would return to Luxor next Wednesday. to stop a week.
"Papper's" work was brought to an end this afternoon by the arrival of the dear little procession and their faithful attendants. Jeannette Dowé, Shaihi. and with Grandma who had been most of the afternoon in the temple - all took a walk together out past