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Yaaseen and Alobe sailed the painter down to Karnak this morning. in a mild South West wind.-  a good mornings work was put in. and M. Legrand was very interesting! showing photograph of his work - and a new piece of digging he has just begun - where he hopes for great results.
Joe walked home at mid day and found  Grandma in the felouka waiting - she had rescued a poor little bird, which had been maltreated by a beast. - a man.
Work in Luxor temple went on as usual in the afternoon.
Mrs Quibell came for her Arabic lesson with Corinna this morning.
At 4. the entire Smith family with Jeannette and Dowé [in his Tarbush] and Shaihi and Alobe - went to call and take tea on the "Victoria" with  Mrs. Dexter and Mrs. Beals - the babies lived up to the situation behaving perfectly.
We were presented with a number of New York papers - with all the news about the fall of Port Arthur.
Grandma and Dowé went to market this morning. and bought some cloth for some galibeah's which are to be made for her. and Lois Anna - and Tolly and Tuile, and a tailor engaged to come to the dahabeyah to do the work.
A wonderful day.
Corinna and Joe went on donkeys to the tombs of the Kings and there met Mrs. Quibell who went with them into four tombs - Rameses III and IX. Menefta and Amenophis II. and then we all walked over the mountain above Dehn el Bahri to the Quibell's house