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Sailed down to Karnak with Yaaseen and Alobe this morning. Wind south West, and by afternoon it blew a gale, and one of the wildest days we have had.  considerable dust at Karnak this morning.
The crew openly found fault with the Captain, before us to-day. for their wages which they declare have never yet been paid them.  -- Alobe refused to eat his lunch to-day, saying his family had nothing to eat and he should not have food when they had none.
We sent a telegramm to Hadji Meki, saying there was trouble here and he had better put in an appearance and to answer -- it remains to be seen what answer we get, if any.
Work went on in Luxor temple in the afternoon, very cold wind searching. and finding out ankles and shoulders. and the painter was glad to knock off at four, and go and make a call on Mr. Ffoulke at the Grand Hotel.
Corinna and Grandma. took tea at the Davis's boat.
Grandma retired early to-night as the motion of the boat. is a little too much like ocean travel - quite a tossing about we are having - and little Miss Ginie was terrified of it. and refused to be comforted into sleep for some time - the "wet rag" punishment was suggested and she went off at once.
Esia, and Shaihi rowed the ladies up to the "Beduin" and looked like rag pickers
Esia's costume on a cold day is not what you would call swell - extremes meet. and our old chap was a grand contrast and foil to the well costumed sailors on the Davis boat.
Joe paid a visit to the market this noon. and was fun into and knocked down by a loaded donkey. and sprawled all over a number of uncomplaining natives and their wares.

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Smith married Corinna Putnam in 1899