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Rebecca started the day early this morning, crawling into her parents bed with Polly Flinders who was so ice cold that touching her most effectually drove away sleep.  
Jeannette's engine give the first intimation of approaching day. - then Rebecca - then the sun flickers through the blinds. then Grandpa [who has been up for hours] announces breakfast, and a scrabble ensues.
Shaihi and Yasseen took the bread winner to Karnak in the little feluka [she looks like the walnut feluka's Grandma makes for Rebecca].
A large study of the big hall has begun.
Grandma and Joe spent the afternoon in Luxor temple and a new study was commenced there too. - yesterdays study being tacky and unfit to work on.
Hadji Meki's Father appeared this afternoon from Assouan - and spends the night with us. he will talk matters over with me tomorrow morning.
Went on board the "Bijou" and thought her a fine boat, far too fine, for a poor painter man to aspire to.    Promised Dowé a new galibeah - if we got her for the price we mentioned to the owner.
Corinna's teacher [chary of compliments] gave her one this afternoon, which is hereby recorded.

Transcription Notes:
felucca = a traditional wooden sailing boat used particularly along the Nile in Egypt