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brought "Papa" home just before sunset
Many dahabeyah's come and go now and we cannot longer keep run of them
Worked at Karnak. and expected a visit from the Duke of Conaught. that is Legrain did. and fresh sand had been spread about on all the paths, and the shadoufs were decorated with palm branches and all for nothing. as the special train was two hours late. and the Duke and his party only had time to see the Luxor temple, being guided by Quibell and Legrain. both in Tarbrush's. [Corinna didn't know the latter. when she met him in the road. after the boat had taken the Royaltys away up to Assouan and Halfa.
Took a Kodak of a statue I want to buy for Mrs. Gardner - went up onto the antiquity man's roof. and scared his hareem out of their skins. by my sudden appearance there.
Corinna and Joe walked over to Mr. Quibell's in the late afternoon. meeting all the men and little boys trooping home. from work at the tombs of the Kings and Delu el Bahri.
We dined with Mr. Q. and spent the night. having a charming evening there with him and eating up a splendid turkey at dinner.
Reis Ali went to Assouan to-day
After the heartiest of breakfasts. we took donkeys to Luxor - to our boat. Q. coming along too, as he was going to Esneh to meet Maspero. to talk over the new appointment he has just had - to Sakarah
Joe made a sketch of the pink mountains - and we lunched on deck and saw the