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Grandma and Grandpa took entire charge of the babies, and made a grand success. so tiring out the little things. by a successions of amusements that they dropped off to sleep. as soon as their tired little heads touched the pillows. to-night Grandpa and Grandma also. seem to have felt the days exertions.
Rebecca took a ride with an unknown admirer - on his donkey this afternoon.  
A perfect day.  
The painter worked this morning on his new picture at Karnak and met Mr. Stokes and Mrs. Poulethwaite of Washington there.  Alobe and Yaaseen took him down in the small felouka - as usual.
In the afternoon worked at Luxor temple on the little head of Rameses wife. behind his Majesties left leg. on the statue most recently discovered.  
Jeanette getting better. but Corinna had to be on hand all day with the kids.
Emily Gardner called and had tea this afternoon.
Seven American flags are flying at Luxor now - six on dahabeyah's and one on a camping outfit. near us on this side.
No word yet from the owner of the "Bijou." One month of the new year gone.  
Brought home from Karnak to-day. the big picture of the sacred boat. from the [[strikethrough]] marble [[/strikethrough]] granite sanctuary. and in in the afternoon worked again on Mrs. Rameses and finished her - Corinna and the babies went to tea on the "Beduin" with Mr. Andrews

Transcription Notes:
His strange use of periods for comas is on full display as well as his use of apostrophes for plurals, such as "dahabeya's" for "dahabeyahs"