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Work at Karnak in the morning. with a pleasant half hour with the gay and cheerful Director. who is as pleased with his canal. as a child with a new toy. Went down into a damp cold shaft. and observed a sluice like slot. and peculiar joints of the well laid masonry.
Corinna took a lesson today. in Arabic writing In the afternoon Joe went to the tombs which Mond discovered and picked out subjects for painting - enough to keep him busy for weeks.
The Quibells returned to-day from Cairo, & stopped at the dahabeyah for a call. and Corinna and Rebecca walked part way across the sand bank with them when they started for home.
Joe called on them later in the afternoon, and had tea. and met the young man who is to take Quibell's place. and Mr. Davis - and returned with the latter to the riverside at sunset.
Carter incident most absorbing at present. the young man is in a most unfortunate position and the outcome very uncertain, Maspero went down to Cairo by train to try to straighten out the affair. 
Our second dahabeyah - crossed the river to-day, and is now anchored near us on this side. 
The painter went this morning over to Mr. Mond's tombs and worked in the beautiful carved one. and with [[insertion]] his [[/insertion]] Reis. went over all his present diggings which are quite extensive this season. Saw Mrs. Quibell. and borrowed a drawing board, which she said belonged to Mr. Carter. Corinna and Grandma went aboard the "Bijou" and made an inventory of linen and table