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At about sunset the "Aboo-Simbel" had successfully crossed the river, and lay on a sand bank close to the "St. James Hotel" about a three minutes walk from her starting place at Elephantine and there she was visited by Mr. Joe - who came to say good night and wish them a pleasant journey.  On a great pile of boulders which jut out into the stream at this point he sat and saw his home and household float away out of sight into the dimness of early night. Little voices from the small enclosed deck at the stern, shouting out good nights.
When the deserted one. clambered back to the bank. from his last sight of the floating home. he was surprised to see the small boat. landing one of the crew. with all his belongings in a roll - a sick uncle had inconsiderately arrived from Cairo. and this boy, who was a very nice willing fellow. was obliged to give up his place, in the duhabeah.
The family were surprised at the choice made, to fill this place in our crew. - "Gummy" came aboard. roaring drunk - our old friend Ousmaine - of Ameer el Wuz days. 
His advent closes the day, as the opposite bank was reached and tied to. and Assouan's lights twinkling hardly two miles away
Spent the night, below. The Tomb of the Gnauveld.