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This was a blow indeed as the day had already been full enough of disappointments and fatigue - but there was nothing to do but retrace our steps, which we did and at 10:35 I arrived, as already noted above.

Started off early and drifted delightfully all through a perfect day. through fine scenery with far away distant mountains - the mountains of Thebes and Luxor.
About seven oclock we reached Esneh, and the two mothers filled a pair of stockings with Christmas presents for the little people tomorrow morning.

Santa Claus comes to dahabeah's, as well as to homes with chimneys. and we all enjoyed the opening of the stocking's stores. Grandma's offerings were in perfect taste and wisdom of years experience was shown by [[underline]] pairs [[/underline]] of things. so that envy could hardly appear to mar the day - eyes in one little head however looked with even greater interest on sisters share. than her own - while the baby would not let go one gift to search for and open another, as she feared it was the old trick of parents to substitute one thing for another.
Jeanette gave the babies charming little amber necklaces. from Constantinople which they will appreciate some day.
The entire family went ashore and, followed by many citizens of Esneh visited