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things. and gave orders to the Reis to have the boat thoroughly cleaned. during the day. The "Safa" came to Luxor to-day behind a steam tug. and we must go and call on the Mancriefs to-morrow.
Work went on at Luxor temple in the afternoon. and Tolly and Tinie in their little new blue galabeah's came over with Grandma and Grandpa. later in the afternoon and received flattering attention from all the donkey [[strikethrough]] boat [[/strikethrough]] boys
The Artist had his hair cut this afternoon, and becomes a human being in appearance again. he took tea at Luxor Hotel. with the Fergusons. and came home with Grandma - meeting her at the Chemists.
Mice and Rats, are now becoming troublesome on board the good ship "Abu Simbel" and the cat is not earning her salt.
Crowned heads will soon be here. and the poor Quibells will be busy taking them around in the bowels of the earth
Alobe and Grandpa have great fun, when the latter comes aboard the boat after a walk. Alobe rushes to get the feather duster. to dust off his dusty shoes. and Grandpa has the smallest coin of the Kingdom to hand him as backshees - the joke exists in Grandpa's endeavors to elude the dusting. or to receive it from other hands than Alobe's
Joe went to Karnak this morning in the little felouka with Alobe and Yaaseen, and at 12 oclock got back to the dahabeyah and took donkeys with Corinna and went over to the Quibells to lunch.
Grandpa Grandma and Aldalla - left soon after breakfast and walked to Medinet Halon.