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and the tombs of the Queens, and in one of the latter tombs Mrs. Quibell was discovered painting, and she made them come home with her to luncheon - and there they were discovered by Joe and Corinna.
A very merry luncheon. Mr. Q was very entertaining and we teased him about the great people he must look after, next week.
Joe worked in one of Moud's Tombs and Reis Mousa took him later to see four mummy cases, which were found this afternoon: - Narielle found some statues to-day also - and Davis thinks he may have come upon Thutmosis II's Tomb - over in the valley of the Kings - lots doing over this side these days.
Corinna and Joe called on the Moncriefs late in the afternoon and after dinner went over and called on the Davis boat
The Ferguson's came in and called to-night on Mother and Grandpa.
Wednesday Feb 8th
Joe went to the tombs, and painted all the morning and had the pleasure of seeing a mummy case excavated - where Mr. Mond is now digging - it was quite an experience and there is more to come. The Reis says - four have been found in two days and Mr. Mond has been sent for (he went, with his family to Assouan three days ago)
A cold West wind spring up soon after midday and the afternoon was uncomfortable
The painter worked in Luxor temple.
Mr. and Mrs. Quibell came in just before dinner and took overcoats and hot water and whiskey before riding home across the wind swept plain.
The "Bijou" sailed up the river to-day just before noonday