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Contract (signed) came from the owner of the "Bijou" to-day - all O.K. and Grandpa sent him a registered letter with £ 25. payment for one month.
Rebecca had a letter to-day - the first the little girl has ever had in Egypt - from Mr. Quibell - enclosing two passes to the temples and tombs of Uper Egypt for herself and Tinie. 
Grandpa is beginning "to take notice" in Arabic - and already has quite a little vocabulary.
A year ago to-day the war begun between the Japanese. and their great opponent.
Corinna Grandma and Joe went to Karnak this morning in the little felouka. and walked home at noonday.
The picture of the bull - in Luxor temple was finished this afternoon. and the three ladies of the Abu Simbel came over to Luxor [[insertion]] later in the afternoon. [[/insertion]] Corinna and Grandma to call on Maspero and Jeannette - to go to the gymkana. with a friend of hers. 
We did not find the great man or Mr. Maspero - and consoled ourselves with tea in the gardens of Luxor Hotel.
A letter came to-day from Volpi. giving the news of the Piero della Francesca. and telling of three other superb pictures. Prince Barbarini of Rome has decided to dispose of - and which have so far escaped being put in the Governments list.
Quibell stopped in a moment at lunch time. and we ran him about his nervousness concerning the approaching visit of the Dukes.
Legrain. has asked us to come up to Karnak on Monday night to see some illuminations he is going to arrange for the Royalties