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Sir Colin Moncrieff and his party went off up the river this afternoon - disgracefully towed by a tug - with a magnificent breeze blowing.
Grandpa and Abdalla looked after the babies until our return - with great success. A gale of wind and bitter cold weather is reported in Cairo to-day. we had some of the wind. but the day was warm.
The Painter made an early start this morning. on Hassans black donkey and got to work in his tomb at 8:30. and Grandma and Corinna came over later on donks with the lunch basket. and while Grandma and Joe went to see Monds excavations Corinna cooked a fine luncheon 
Afterwards they went to Der el Bahri, and were shown all over the recent diggings by Mr. Ayerton. and Corinna went down a thirty foot deep pit. - the grave of a Pharoe's favorite.
Later we went to the Quibell's to tea. and had to talk French, as Maspero. and the French Ambassador and his large family of girls came and swarmed upon us. and there was no escape possible.
Tutty and Tinie had callers this morning. Mr. Davis's nieces. who spent all the morning with the babies playing in the sand.
Grandpa busy doing some drawing off. from a photograph.
Last night a mouse upset a plate of apple sauce [[insertion]] from a shelf. [[/insertion]], part of which fell upon the terrified Artist sleeping below.
Grandpa set a trap last night. and this morning caught a fine large rat.
A letter from the Fergusons. telling how pleased they are with life in our boat the Bijou.

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