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[[preprinted]] 85 [[/preprinted]]
Dowé went home to Shellal to-day for a short vacation
The painter worked in his tomb and Grandpa came over later with Alobe. and brought luncheon. which we ate in the courtyard of the tomb.
Mrs. Quibell arrived late in the afternoon with Mrs. Wilson and Miss. Legett. and Joe went home with them to tea
Mr. Quibell went to Edfon to-day to meet the Duke of Conaught.
Corinna and Mrs. Quibell had a successful lesson to-day.
Joe went to Karnak this morning and brought home, at 12 - a study of a head of Thutmosis III which he finished [[strikethrough]] this [[/strikethrough]] to-day.
Mrs. Quibell came to luncheon [[insertion]] she went to Cairo in the evening [[/insertion]] - and brought the startling news that Mr. Davis' Reis had gotten down to the door of a tomb. that Mr. Davis had sent word, with Maspero's permission to the Duke - to have it opened to-morrow in his presence. - To guard the tomb to-night it was necessary to have police gaffirs - and at least [[underlined]] one [[/underlined]] European official - and Mr. Quibell being away. in attendance on the Duke. it fell to Wygall to go and spend the night at the tomb's mouth. He lunched at Davis dahabeyah, and Corinna saw him. and he said he had got to go there and rather dreaded it - would feel lonesome etc. etc. - she said to him that she and Joe would keep him company. and he accepted her proposition and so in the late afternoon they both rode over the mountains and met the lonesome young inspector - in the impressive valley. and before we had our