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[[preprinted]] 89 [[/preprinted]]
mass of priceless objects - in perfect condition. except for the two mummies. which alone have suffered at the hands of but one (possibly 2) thieves, who was only after the gold in and around the bodies - who did [[underlined]] no wanton [[/underlined]] harm. to anything else - a wonderful. remarkable, astonishing find.
Maspero came. and pronounces it remarkable. extraordinary. even in his great experience - He did Corinna the singular honor. of asking Corinna to scramble over the walled up doorway - (which had been partly broken down. 4000. years ago by the thieves) and to come into the maze of objects scattered about in a chamber (devoid of ornamentation) about 18 x 12. absolutely [[underlined]] full [[/underlined]] to overflowing of rich rare treasures. packed full - it was all like dreams -
Quibell should have opened the tomb. but he was stalled at Edfon. and did not arrive until after the Ducal Party. had seen it. (about 2.30) Maspero asked Joe to make a color study of the thing. before anything was done - and he went over the mountain to Mond's tomb. and returned with a canvas. and made the study by electric light
[[insertion]] Corinna ran into the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire. who were standing at the mouth of the tomb. waiting with great impatience for Maspero to come out to take them about. a funny rencontre [[/insertion]] 
It has been a day never, never to be forgotten. Corinna and Joe returned at seven oclock pretty well tired out. and told everything to the family.
We walked over the mountain with Quibell and tried to jolly him up [[strikethrough]] he [[/strikethrough]] up a bit - his disappointment was great of course, at not being there at the beginning.
Mr. Lennon of Pawtucket had called this afternoon and other old friends of ours