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have arrived and are staying in Luxor.
Empress Eugenie also arrived, and Mother saw her a number of times to-day in the town. the place reeks with Royalty.
Professor Sayce has come down in his boat. and three other dahabeyah's lie moored near us.
Grandma and Jeanette went to Karnak to-night. and saw the illuminations there. gotten up most effectively by Legrain. for the Duke and his party.
Joe made an early start and arrived at the tomb in time to begin work. with Quibell, Wygall, and Mr. Eliott. - worked there all day - an experience of a  lifetime -
Empress Eugenie came. and Madame Maspero - Prof Sayce. and other distinguished and interested people came - Joe has been asked to make drawings etc. for the catalogue -
Crossed the mountain with Quibell - late in the afternoon - by the steep path. and met Corinna. and Mr. Eliott. who had been seeing Dehr el Barhi. with Mrs. Eliott. and had met De Naville who had shown them about. their interesting diggings there
Tea with Quibell and his guests and home late to dinner.
Corinna went with Mother over to Luxor Hotel to call on some friends.
Quibell told Corinna that he had never had better assistance in the work. than Joe had given him. which was great praise