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Joe worked all day at the new tomb. with Quibell and Weigall. and late in the afternoon came home to tea with Mr. Lennon and some other Pawtucket friends [[insertion]] on our boat [[/insertion]] and Corinna and he and Grandma and Grandpa dined later with them at the Savoy. and had a particularly pleasant time.
The Dukes of Connaught and Devonshire. and their Duchesses. the Prince of Sweden. and various other celebrities came to the tomb to-day. and kept the workers there. from too much progress.
Lunched with Maspero and Dr. Sayce - at Davis's invitation to-day.
Joe went early to the tomb and was there all day. most of the time in complete charge - as Quibell went off Duking. (by orders of Maspero). and Weigall went early - to Luxor -
The Magazine was finished this morning and Weigall and Joe. removed most everything up out of the tomb. into it. during the early part of the afternoon. Mother went to Karnak this morning. and reports that the big picture the Artist was at work on - in the Hypostyle Hall - had been removed - probably because there was lots of dust blowing there last few days.
Corinna and Quibell came over the mountain after Sunset. and we all spent the night there again guarding the treasures in the hill side.
We had a splendid night. slept splendidly well.

Transcription Notes:
Arthur Weigall (1880- 1934) was an English Egyptologist James Quibell (1867 ? 1935) was a British Egyptologist