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Weigall dined with the family on the dahabeyah. and was very pleasant and entertaining. the Fergusons came in to call this evening. and reported details of their trip to El. Kab. 
Mr. Davis came aboard to say good bye this morning - and about one oclock the [[strikethrough]] breeze [[/strikethrough]] [[insertion]] wind [[/insertion]] being strong and favorable. the great white wings of his boat were spread to the breeze. and the "Beduin" sailed away. up to Assouan. Joe had a splendid night in the Royal valley. and in the morning did some work on the catalogue, and at 11.30 walked up the "workmens path" and down the steeper path on the Dehr-el-Bari. side. and over to the tomb. where he is painting and at 12-30 took donkey back to the river side to his deserted family.
Corinna and Joe called and had tea with the McCoys at the "Savoy" 
A box of "Turkish delights" and a note from Mr. Quibell, saying Mrs. Q. had come back from Cairo. and asks us to spend one more night in the valley. guarding the treasures. there.      a week more in beloved Luxor. and then the family in their new boat will regretfuly leave - the beginning of our homeward journey. Quibell was very interesting last night telling about excavations and discoveries and giving various details of the history of the Museum. and the men who have ruled there.
The painter went to Karnak in the "Rebecca and Frances" this morning, and found that Legrain had removed his picture of the Hypostyle Hall. owing to the illuminations

Transcription Notes:
El Kab is an Upper Egyptian site