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Corinna and Jeanette went over to the tombs of the Kings this morning.
Joe finished a landscape of the hills - in the beautiful pink morning light
The McCoys called and invited us to lunch - and Joe accepted and went. and afterwards went up to Karnak. in the "scarab" with Mother. and Dowé and Yaaseen and Esia. and they brought home. the big sketch of the Hypostyle Hall.
Joe went to the Gymnkana. with the McCoys for a little while. and then came home to tea with the Whitakers - and showed them pictures afterwards. they were  most appreciative 
Corinna and Joe dined with the Fergussons on board the "Bijou", and the sailors did a fantasia for our honor and benefit.
A Mr. and Mrs. Stewart of New York called this evening by appointment and saw the pictures.
These last few nights on the "Abou Simbel" have been made miserable for us all. by rats. who have arrived in numbers like a plague.
Alobe's mother died yesterday - or the day before - he had a letter to-day, which Yaaseen read to him in the tent. and then the poor old boy walked out over the sand all alone with his sorrow.
One of the signs of his mourning. is abstinence of sugar in his coffee.