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[[preprinted]] 107 [[/preprinted]]
Feb. 26th
[[left margin]] [[underlined]] Nagada [[/underlined]] [[/left margin]]
All turned out early and packed for a start to Cairo. The Fergusons gave up at 9 a.m. and the Smiths piled in and after paying for the dahabeyah and the inevitable backsheesh we cast off at 11-15/. The upper deck was half full of newly packed bread for the crew.  Mr. McCoy and wife and Mr. Weigall saw us off and as might be known about twenty arabs on the sand. Shahi wept with grief at parting and Yaseen with the "scarab" accompanied us down to Karnak when he left us for his lonely trip back to Shellall. It has been a very quiet warm day and by current and rowing we have made about twenty three miles stopping for the night opposite Nagarda. Joe left us to go to the Quibells while we are away and hopes to join us a Balleniahe.
Feb. 27   
[[left margin]] [[underlined]] Dendara [[/underlined]] [[/left margin]]
Left the shore at 6:15 no wind and made a fair voyage here to [[underlined]] Dendara [[/underlined]] arriving at about 3 P.M. A chair was rigged for mother and donkeys for the others and off we all old and young scuttled for the temple - about two miles. After a look around and enjoying the beautiful works - home we came all a little tired - the exertions of yesterday having now put in their work. I for one am about used up. H.F.

Transcription Notes:
Not sure where to transcribe single word written on the left margin. There are two on this page. * they seem to go with each day in the entirety so it makes sense to me to stick them with the date (also flows better :) )