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At Jenny Owen's.

to be deserted. In the afternoon mother staid at home, while Lilly and I went fishing, and father drawing, we saw plenty of fish, but caught none. I drew and coloured an old cow house. and cut some wood.

Sunday 6th. Our trunks came last night. Mother read the story of "the daughter of Hippocrates" out of Leigh Hunt, and father read out of the Guide Book of Wales. We took a walk to the south of the house

7th. Father painted a sketch. Mother made three pies one she gave to Mrs. Owens. I helped make the pies by bringing water in. Mother and I drew Owen Owen's house; and Lilly made dolls dress skirt. In the afternoon father mother and I went to Beddgelert and took a pie along with mothers old dress to Mrs. Prichard. 

8th. Was rainy. I said lessons and drew. Greased boots etc. Father didnot feel well, stretched paper made portfolio, read. Mother sewed read &c. Lilly finished dolls dress.  

9th. Father felt bad, but he and I went down to the road and drew, while mother and Lilly staid at home and sewed. I read and said lesson. 

10th. Father painted a sketch. Mother darned stockings. I drew said lesson. Lilly sewed. In the afternoon we took a walk to see some water falls a lit-

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At Jenny Owen's.

tle way up Snowdon which had been caused by the rain. on the way we saw fine scenes. At night mother wrote, father read, while Lilly and I played.

11th. Father and I went to see the view he had drawn on Wednesday. for he was going to paint it.  We came to the house and father went to work at the picture. While I said lesson, Lilly sewed & mother saw to the making some smear kase. There came two old women on their annual trip begging for wool and some bread.  Mother made them a cup of tea and gave them some bread and cheese. they curtsied and one of them showed her cheese for she was going to save it for another time.

12th. Father wrote two letters. Mother finished cottage. I drew and painted, Lilly sewed. 

In the afternoon father mother and I went to Beddgelert. While Lilly staid at home and sewed.

Sunday 13th. Took a little walk. Father read Lilly and I played. Mother read &c.

14th. Mother drew and painted some heather. I copied Balou Lake out of the Hand Book of Wales and coloured it Lilly said lesson and sewed.

15th Father. drew. I drew another lake out of the Hand Book which I intended to paint the next day Mother baked [[arisen?]] cakes.    

Transcription Notes:
Bala Lake is correct, but it appears that she spells it Balou? smear kase was originally transcribed as mean [[?]]. I believe it is smear kase, an English corruption of German for a kind of spreadable cheese, a term used by my grandfather.

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