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For each drive a special document "Akt" has to be made out stating the number of seals taken, the name of the rookery and other details. This is signed by the Krak and by the [[Starshenes?]]. To it is then attached the receipt "Rvitantsia" of the company's representatives.

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[[left margin]] Aug. 13 Tuesday [[/left margin]]

Arrived off North Ry, Bering Island, at 6 am. The weather cloudy and a stiff SW blowing. [[superscript]] x [[/superscript]]
After breakfast went ashore with my cameras to photograph and see what could be seen.
The first thing that struck me was the diminishment in the number of seals on the "sands" of the Reef. The land end of it has shrivelled up; the line of seals across it dividing it has disappeared, and the flock at the south east corner has become entirely isolated. 
[[superscript]] x [[/superscript]] ) Anchored in 7 fathoms; rocks [[strikethrough]] of [[/strikethrough]] NW. of [[Sintch?]] Kamen visible on the N. side of it; [[Sintch?]] K. N 85 [[degree symbol]] W; Salthouse S. 15 [[degree symbol]] W.
[[blue pencil]] 500 [/blue pencil]]