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Continued fr spll bk. trip fr Escondido 2 San Fran.
[[line across page]]
Came 2 hill t seem'd 2 b n motion - whole surface moving seperatg & coming 2gether as if earthquake cracks & cleavg's b nearer it w a flock of sheep.
A vaquero (vah ka'row) - Big burly Mex wi red hkf rd /oat & hat brim over his eyes - walkd slowly along after /em wi dog at his heels.
/ way / fog comes n betw mt ranges s very singular. 
On our st / near range w brown fr back o it below / top o / range bk o it w what lkd li cloud dropping into / valley.
N a barley fld w a large [[page torn]] [[ustard?]] patch & over /is a [[page torn]] o blkhds w flyg.
[[page torn]] [[er?]] along 3 sets o 4 mule teams [[page torn]] [[g?]] plough on side & wi [[page torn]] ridg sidewise on mule [[page torn]] very foolish.

Transcription Notes:
Flo uses a lot of abbreviations in her writing as can be seen from previous projects including f = for and / for "th" or "the" etc. However I'm having difficulty with a lot of her words. Think I'm going to have to get my "eye" back in and then return to edit! Feel free to improve. -@siobhanleachman Some of the words are in Spanish, making it especially difficult. I'm going to have to come back to it, too. @avosburgh