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[[line across page]]
I saw a man ploughing
[[boxed]] May 14 [[/boxed]] As w approached S.A. w see a town o eucalyptus spires, & it opens out into a place much li Riverside - full o vineyds, orchards & shade trees. Saw a horse car drawn by a complacent mule horse trickling down / st.
Saw ploughing, mowing, & stackd hay, b n sight over / town [[strikethrough]] 2d [[/strikethrough]] snow lay ov / mts.
North fr Fullerton f a long [[image: arrow]] distance / air over / mustd w astir wi butterflies (red mostly) /re must h b 1000's o /em. 
Girl fd by fa/er n Los Angeles depot alone n tears. Said he fd her "n awful pickle." H crossed town all rt b h baggage 2 check & 2 get on train.
Said 1/2 pouting 1/2 cryg - girl 5 ft + & stout n proportion o 20 + yrs - "I xpectd 2 b tak [[page torn - taken care?]] o". I /ink it a [[page torn -ruse?]] [[superscript]] [3] [[/superscript]]