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bus 2 lk after baggage."
H f east 3 - 4 times b did x know eno 2 do t! Said man rude 2 her. I wantd 2 tell her what Fran says - f x man will b unless girl lets him.
At L.A. depot I w going n 2 dining room past bar a little ahead o mo/er. Saw wi/out lkg at /em men talkg ag wall & one start 2 come forward. I put nose n air & started frigidly past when he came up 2 take bag etc while we dined - dining room official - nose came down! / girl h weak mouth & fat weak chin & w dressd 2 much f cars.
A superficial kindhearted foolish uninterestg girl. N speakg o Pasadena said "I'm sorry I did x take t n. Its one o / sights & I mi just as well"! Said "it made her mad" t she w x taken care o. [[superscript]] [4] [[/superscript]]

Transcription Notes:
Florence uses many contractions & abbreviations. eg / = th or the I think that "shorthand symbol" was actually an & underneath the crossbar to the t in sights -megshu