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Ga paper 2 read & returned later - "/ paper's full o deaths. I wd n't lk at it af f any/ing." Born n San Fran b h l 2 S. Deigo & said 'wd just as soon live /re except f /eater. /re w [[underlined]] x  [[/underlined]] /eatre /ere"!
H box wi 2 horned toads. Said ga /em meat so as x 2 h 2 kill flies f /em - cd x bear 2 gi /em 2 toads alive. [[underlined]] B [[/underlined]] wore hat turban made o fea/ers - solid & wi sev hummgbds n front! 
FMo/er met her at San Fran - x Oakland. Plump, yg, fashionable woman wi good heart. Fa/er fat German wi kind b ra/er weak face. X o/er daughter b sev sons - Uncle weak face much li girl. Foolishness xplained. Mo/er talks ab sign n crossg hands & so o marriage o daughter.
Pass /ro canons & near mts wi 1000's o yuccas bloomg - all shapes. spindle, brisly, [[superscript]] [5] [[/superscript]

Transcription Notes:
H may refer to Hart Merriam, Flo's brother? Or possible contraction of Had? Thinking it's "FMo/er met her at San Fran" Maybe for both? I think you are correct. Looks like that to me and context makes sense -@siobhanleachman