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etc. Yellow bells n sunlight beautiful. Xquis flowers - so unique - gt stalks o lux bells. 1000s o /em along / hillsides - dozs n place. /en when we came 2 / desert we fd a most singular growth t / porter declard w cactus. b t lkd & li palms. / desert strtchd far on ei/er side o us, away 2 distant lines o mts. flat stretch . low scattd tufts o green & bunches o sage - brush & scattd ab w / cactus fr 8-20 ft high, n all varieties o grotesque forms, fr straight clubs - / lower part o brown shaggy scales [[image]] & / top a brush o green - 2 perpendic stalks wi crook'd elbows hang'g fr fork on ei/er side, & [[underlined]] trees [[/underlined]] wi branches at all curves & Ls, a singular network o elbows. O/ers r made up o clubs & prongs wi / /ick spike o flowers - whitish n bud [[superscript]] [6] [[/superscript]]