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2 get pillow f yg lady who s sick - certain profess. consciousness t s very amus'g. Talks w profess solemn tone & turns sentences as if fr a book. X [[underlined]] pugnacious [[/underlined]] nose. f x-2-b-putdown /ick set stubby member - a li / bull dog order. Wife finer grain & wi fresh bright kindly face. Puckers mou/ when leavg case 2 husb - wifely pride: "he will know what 2 do!" Talks ab west seemg uncivlzd 2 easteners & [[a/c?]] what s 2 b done wi what h b done. /ick crop of brown hair touched wi gray, long scraggly beard. High cheek bones, ra/er broad forehd, eyes deep set & kindly, b gi 2 lkg [[underlined]] x-at-u [[/underlined]], fr selfcons sake /an any/ing else - a /otfulness fo descriminating terms, admir'g own eloquence etc. An Amer. who pushes his way /ro / wld, wi success. 
O/er man on train genuine metal. Old patriarch o giant mind n [[superscript]] [9] [[/superscript]]

Transcription Notes:
Florence must have been tired writing this page...-megshu I think I managed to get a few more Meg. Still needs work tho! - @siobhanleachman