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appearance. Big head wi high forehd fringd wi white hair - short white beard encircling all face - whole head set w white hair. 
Much furrowed face wi strong features. [[image - pen sketch of man's face]] Lines o /ot carvg fr wrinkles by eye up ad 2 forehd lines.
Gray meditative eyes, stout nose & mou/ t fr being merely firm, n /at s reduced 2 line wi puckery "  " lines fr upper lip - a balancing judicial mouth.
A look n eyes as if solving philos problems. Mi b old judge or philos. Woman wi him - daughter perhaps - blk hair fat & 30 - big brow b unscarred by /o't - fair & simple as bland mg - abs contrast. He x pure reason phil - humor lines & human interest shows 2 much n face.
2 Salv army lunatics on train were sing - o/er pray g - bo/ on way [[superscript]] [10] [[/superscript]]