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September 24, 1982,
Lizard Island,

Arrive on island ca 2:45 pm. A has been here for some time. He has been watching cuttlefishes. Probably [[underlined]] Sepia latimanus [[/underlined]]. SAN. There is supposed to be a reef squid here. [[underlined]] Sepioteuthis australis. [[/underlined]] Called "long-funnel flying" (sic!) "squid". A has not been able to find it yet. (Is it coincidental that there is no TC here?)

September 26, 1982,
Lizard Island

A took films of 2 [[male symbol]] Cuttles yesterday, around noon. 
Today we went touring around adjacent islands and lagoons ca. 9:30am - 1:30pm. Habitat is beautiful. But the only cephalopod we saw was a single octopus inshore, on sand. Disappeared into hole. There are many other holes nearby. Could this be a "colony"??? 
This evening I walked along the beach, in shallow water, looking for Sepiolids. No luck.

September 27, 1982
Lizard Island.

A rather frustrating day.
We were held up by problems with the motor. 
A finally starts tow 12:15pm. Beginning Turtle Beach. Nothing. Then we go on to North Reef, where A has seen Cuttles many times before. "Resident" male is still around. Apparently alone now. Not very active. A does some filming. Stops 1:30pm. Then I do some swimming in shallows Mermaid Cove ca. 2:10- 2:20. Nothing. Finally A dives near Granite Bluff(s). Again nothing
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