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Cephalopoda [[circled]] 2 [[/circled]]
September 28, 1982

A makes 50 ft dive off Watson Bay in morning. Sees some [[?]]. Nothing else. Then we try to night light in adjacent area ca. 6:30 - 7:30 pm. Technical difficulties Neither fish nor squids. 

September 29, 1982
Lizard Island
Going to try night lighting again. Near Bird Islet. Lots of minnows but no cephalopods.

September 30, 1982
Lizard Island

A films his Cuttle at North Point again. SAN.
[[underline]] No [[/underline]] trace of [[underline]] Sepioteuthis australis [[/underline]]

October 2, 1982
Lizard Island

It was too windy to go out yesterday.
Today the wind was still strong; but A did some filming of his Cuttle.

October 3, 1982
Lizard Island
A more of same Cuttle.

October 4, 1982
Lizard Island
Very windy today; but we go out anyhow
IT is too rough to work at North Point. So we go into adjacent Merm-

Transcription Notes:
Last word does not look like Mom- to me; it may be hyphentated & continue on next page? It does - it's Mermaid Cove

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