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San Blas
5 May, 1982

Arrived here yesterday evening ca 6:00 pm Trip very calm. Rainy season well begun. Water around Naluneka and Smithsoniantuppu is clear.

Start out rather late this morning. Everything calm. Heat is oppressive. Clouds and rain coming up.

10:50 am. Lucho sees 3 small Sepiots by anchor rope. They are gone by the time that we get into water.

11:00 am A starts towing, around Naluneka, over to "Wichuwala", almost to Porvenir, and back. Nothing of real interest One group of 3 medium Sepiots by dock of Naluneka. Usual place. Group of 10 small Sepiots by "Wichuwala" Nothing more. Rain comes down in buckets. We stop 12:05 pm.

Go on over to San Blas point. A starts towing 2:20pm First out to tip, then along shore in direction of base of peninsula. Water is murky at base. Clearer inside. No squids. But perhaps some good areas for work tonight. 

So we go back with lights 7:30-8:30 p.m. Explore a wide area. Bare sand and TG flats. Almost nothing. Only 2 small Sepiots in TG. According to A, they are in Yellow with DM!

It is suggestive that we did not see any more Sepiots. Are most inds. further out from shore now? 

Nor did we see any [[underlined]] Lolliguncula [[/underlined]]. Why?

The "Benjamin" is anchored far off shore (because of the [[underlined]] Semulium [[/underlined]]) in deep water. After we get back, ca. 9:45, 2 medium-large Sepiots show up to feed on sardines circling under lights. Both animals are in Ord+. At least one ind. catches at least two fishes. 

Jack says that a similar animal showed up earlier, ca. 7:30.

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