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((underline))Ceph ((/underline)), May 6, 1982, II

There are some adult Sepiots around, but they don't seem to be doing anything of interest. 
We go exploring again at night. Out to outer islands and then almost to barrier reef. Lots of TG, sand, coral, etc. No cephalopods of any sort!

San Blas, 
May 7, 1982

Still at Okupukkyo this morning. Sunny. Some wind. A tows all around island 8:25-9:25 am. Nothing at all. Then goes for dive along reef where some inds. were seen yesterday. He does find the animals again. They are not very active.At best (and rather dubiously) engaged in mild courtship.
We go on to Tiatuppu-Piryatuppu-Paneuppu area. 
A starts tow around Piryatuppu, beginning reef point Along mainland side, then channel. Finds group of approximately 25 Sepiots. Medium to large. 10 ft up in 30 ft of water over sand and coral bottom. The animals are very shy. They are all in [[circled]] Ord-Dark [[/circled]] (Medium Dark) with very little or no WS. No courtship.
Then they dash off. According to A, they encounter other inds. in Upward P. Clustered around tall thin? (sponge? coelenterate?)Newcomers assume similar P. When I catch up, all visible inds. are in P and semi-Dark. [[image of tall thin specimen]]
I get out of water 1:10 pm. A resumes tow. Then, at 1:53, back at tip of coral reef point (where we started) we find another group of 17+ Sepiots. Some large. Some medium. Intergrading. A [[underlined]]lot of courtship [[/underlined]] (at last) Inds. are over [[underlined]]Acropora [[/underlined]] at edge of reef fall off, 15-20 ft. below surface.
A does lots of filming (4 rolls) until 3:45 pm.

Transcription Notes:
Line 2 "Sepirts" - not sure if this the word, and difficult to work this out from context. Do Lee respods: this abbreviation is used often in these notes Sepiots = Sepioteuthis (a type of squid) Line 3 "Lots of ??" - again not sure TC/Q/G?

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