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[[4 black and white photos. Transcribing left to right and top to bottom]]

[[IMAGE: flat area with trees in background, separated from flat by fencing.]]
790. Philippines. View at Baguio.

[[IMAGE: 2 wooden and thatched buildings, separated by large tree. 2 long canoe-type boats in front.]]
791. Philippines. Spiny bamboo. The commonest bamboo of the lowlands (Bambos spinosa). Much used for construction.

[[IMAGE: several wooden and thatched buildings in clearing. There are people by one, under an overhang, and 2 goats are in the yard.]]
792. Philippines. Hut in village.
[[in pencil]] 792 [[/pencil]]

[[IMAGE: building with thatched roof. Building has sections of its walls done in various patterns of weaving. 2 men outside building]]
793. Philippines. Bamboo hut with palm thatch.
[[in pencil]] 793 [[/pencil]]