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there appear to be no incumbrances recorded in the name of Said vendor; the Said vendor however hereby declares that Said Slave is Subject to a Special mortgage granted by Madame Mary Ann McRae in favor of Caldwell & Hickey per act passed before H. B. Cenas Notary Public dated the twenty Sixth day of December Eighteen hundred & thirty nine as Security for the faithful appearance of C B. Mason of Port Hudson in this State when judgment Shall be rendered against him in a Suit instituted by Said Caldwell & Hickey for a certain debt to amount of Seven hundred & twenty dollars of which incumbrance the Said Madame McRae has obligated herself to cancel & release & with which agreement She Said purchaser is Satisfied & receives the Said slave accordingly. ---
[[a diagonal line crosses through the remainder of this section]]
    [[preprinted text]] And to this act intervened and appeared, [[/preprinted text]] Madame Lucretia Martin of lawful age [[preprinted text]] wife of the said [[/preprinted text]] Henry F. Wade. --- [[preprinted text]] and duly authorised by him, who declared it is her intention to renounce her rights of lien and mortgage on the [[/preprinted text]] Slave. --- [[preprinted text]] herein sold:
    FIRST--For the restitution of her dowry, and for replacing dotal effects brought at the time of her marriage, and which have been alienated by her said husband.---
    SECOND--For the restitution of dotal effects acquired during marriage, by inheritance or otherwise.
    THIRD--For the restitution of such of her paraphernal property and funds, as are or shall be alienated by her said husband, or by herself, the price of which her husband has received, or otherwise disposed of for his individual interest, or of which he has had the administration, or been otherwise benefited. --- [[/preprinted text]]

[[vertical annotation in left margin]]
I Register of Conveyances certify that the foresent act
has been recorded this day in my office in book Nͦ 30
Folio 101. New Orleans 22 march 1841.
          [[signature]] [[Geyssel?]] [[/signature]]
[[/vertical annotation]]
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