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    [[preprinted text]] And I, the said Notary, did carefully explain to the said [[/preprinted text]] Madame Wade ---[[preprinted text]] the several articles contained in the new Civil Code, as well as all others that may be in force in this State, touching the nature and extent of the advantages secured to her by law, and informed her, that by making her renunciation, she would deprive herself of all reclamation on the [[/preprinted text]] slave sold as [[preprinted text]] aforesaid; and all this was done out of the presence of her said husband.----

    That notwithstanding this information, she consented to said sale, thereby abandoning all her rights of mortgage or otherwise upon the property aforesaid, and renouncing, now and forever, her said rights and liens; hereby ceding, transferring and conveying the same to the said [[/preprinted text]] William H. Martin his -- [[preprinted text]] heirs and assigns, forever; and binding herself, her heirs and assigns, to hold valid this said act of renunciation, her husband being now present and authorizing her in the premises.----

    To have and to hold, the [[/preprinted text]] aforesaid Slave ---[[preprinted text]] unto the said purchaser to [[/preprinted text]] his.---[[preprinted text]] proper use and behoof forever; and the said vendor for [[/preprinted text]] himself his [[preprinted text]] heirs and assigns, unto the said purchaser [[/preprinted text]] his ---[[preprinted text]] heirs and assigns, the herein described [[/preprinted text]] Slave. --- [[preprinted text]] against the legal claim and claims of all and every person and persons whomsoever, shall and will forever warrant and defend by those Presents; hereby subrogating and transferring to said purchaser all [[/preprinted text]] 
his. --- [[preprinted text]] rights of warranty and action against [[/preprinted text]] his.---[[preprinted text]] vendor, and all preceding vendors, with full power to exercise the same, according to law.----

    DONE AND PASSED, at New Orleans, this [[/preprinted text]] Seventh [[preprinted text]] day of [[/preprinted text]] December ---[[preprinted text]] eighteen hundred and [[/preprinted text]] forty.----[[preprinted text]] in presence of [[/preprinted text]] William P. Lewis.--- [[preprinted text]] and [[/preprinted text]] Augustus (De Vaudricourt ---[[preprinted text]] both of this City, WITNESSES, who have hereunto signed their names, with said parties, and me, the said Notary.---- [[/preprinted text]]

---------Signed------------- H. F. Wade.---------------

   William P. Lewis--------- Wm H. Martin.-------------

Augustus (De Vaudricourt---- L. Wade.------------------

---------------------------- W. P. Lewis---------------
[["W. P. Lewis" and "Not. Pub." are encased by a bracket]]
----------------------------   Not. Pub.---------------

[[Notary Public seal]]

I hereby certify the foregoing a true Copy of the original upon my Current Records.-- In faith whereof I hereto Set my hand & Seal at New Orleans this 6th day of february 1841.

[[signature]] W.T. Lewis
                   [[m N. P?]]
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