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[[preprinted text]] THE STATE OF ALABAMA,

    TO THE SHERIFF OF [[/preprinted text]] Lawrence [[preprinted text]] COUNTY--GREETING:
WE command you that of the goods, chattles, lands, and tenements of [[/preprinted text]]  Alexander Dobbins [[Luquin?]] E Hogan [[preprinted text]] of your county, you cause to be made the sum of [[/preprinted text]] one hundred & one [[preprinted text]] Dollars and [[blank space]] Cents, debt; and the sum of [[/preprinted text]] nine -- [[preprinted text]] Dollars and [[/preprinted text]] 75 [[preprinted text]] Cents, damage, together with the sum of [[/preprinted text]] thirteen [[preprinted text]] Dollars and [[/preprinted text]] 62 [[preprinted text]] Cents, cost, which [[/preprinted text]] Jno. B. Caldwell [[preprinted text]] late at the [[/preprinted text]] March term 1822 [[preprinted text]] [[strikethrough]] term [[/strikethrough]] of our Circuit Court for said county, recovered against [[overwritten]] the said [[/overwritten]] [[/preprinted text]] them [[preprinted text]] for debt, damage and cost, as appears to us of record; and have you the said monies before the Judge of our next Circuit Court to be held for said county, ready to render the said [[/preprinted text]] Caldwell [[preprinted text]] for [[/preprinted text]] his [[/preprinted text]] debt, damage and cost, and have you then there this writ. 

    Witness [[/preprinted text]]  J. Burford [[preprinted text]] Esq. Clerk of our said Court, at office, the [[/preprinted text]] 5 [[preprinted text]] day of [[/preprinted text]] April [[preprinted text]] 182 [[/preprinted text]] 4 and of American Independence the forty [[/preprinted text]] 8th [[preprinted text]] year. 
Issued the [[/preprinted text]] 5th [[preprinted text]] day of [[/preprinted text]] April [[preprinted text]] 182 [[/preprinted text]] 4.
    [[preprinted text]] TEST. [[/preprinted text]] Jonathan Burford, CC.C
[[preprinted text]] Received the [[blank space]] day of [[blank space]] 182 [[/preprinted text]]
[[pencil annotation in bottom right corner]] 70.78 [[/annotation]]
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