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brother in Ireland who is a Catholic prest but hastened to add that he is not a Catholic himself.  As he says this a man gets up & leaves with a smile of sarcasm on his face likely a protestant disgusted

Monday    while Theresa Bernstein & I are talking to Dickinson about the new group "Expressionists" Theresa says to me "You will have to have more pictures than you had at the "Eclectics" [[strikethrough]] ber [[/strikethrough]] You ought to have that one of the old Gloucester woman "That is the finest portrait I ever saw!" Now this pretty strong and sounds good in the quiet of her own studio but would she say this a quarter where it would do me any good.

Tuesday    Meet Frank Kidder in Montross down from Bridgport says he's just been fired out of munition shop which he entered during the war  I say "I'm glad of it"  he says "So am I but I suppose I'll be broke by summer."  I say you're mighty lucky you're not broke now  I'm always broke.  When Frank first saw me he said "Thanks for the boost" referring to my note in Art News on his Academy picture.

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If England wants war she can have it. -- But she'd better not [[insertion]] want [[/insertion]] have it.

Drop in to Daniel Gallery to ask D how he'd feel about supporting new art journal.  D says he wants to see it before he can tell.  That insufferable cad who infests the gallery with him chimes in some sage advice as to how to make a paper & I tell him I didn't ask for his advice  Both get excited & then simmer down.  Insufferable these bluffs are like all "advanced" "ultra" cads cowards, toadies, crawlers and most hopeless reactionaries.  The cad mentions real critics & says "if you could afford such men as Cortissoz & Watson _____  I shut him off by [[strikethrough]] say [[/strikethrough]] saying - "There you are living off opposition to the academy & yet you mention two of the most academic critics alive."  Daniel gets rather mad at this & begins to pace the floor.  Before I bring up this question I found Cortissoz sitting in the other room where the M. Hartley Ex was hung  As I came in I glared at him and stood for some time glaring at him & then went out.

Transcription Notes:
Guessing the man referenced here is Royal Cortissoz, an art critic:

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