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the use of giving one's children all these excellent opportunities in life [[underlined in red]] if they simply slacken their energy and ambition [[/underlined in red]] and heed impudence and conceit and self assured airs of superiority which do not stand the test.  If my children had been poor as I was they would probably be less overself-confident and try to study as much as I did.  [[underlined in red]] Nina [[/underlined in red]] specially is impudence and arrogance personified and a constant irritation to me.  [[underlined in red]] George [[/underlined in red]] is not that way but does not show the passionate eagerness to learn which was my guide and my support in life. - What's the use earning money anyhow.  I [[underlined in red]] desire less and less to be a rich man. [[/underlined in red]]  Whatever more money I make will be further used for impudence and arrogance for Nina.  I am very very much discouraged:  I wish I could go away for two

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or three months. - but there are so many things which require my presence here. - Slept very little all night.  
February. 4.  Spent all day dictating belated letters.
Feb. 5.  I find now that [[underlined in red]] George's exam. will be accepted by N.Y. University [[/underlined in red]] without question.  This allows him to take up his courses directly and not lose another six months. after which he can enter Cornell.  
Rossi bought 60 tons of Cresol at 50ยข per gallon.  All day thaw, rain and sleet.  Evening [[underlined in red]] Celine [[/underlined in red]] and myself to N.Y. for supper at Biltmore then to see Bernard Shaw's play Androcles and the Lion. [[strikethrough]] met [[/strikethrough]]
Feb.6.  Here all day.  Aftenoon sketched my [[underlined in red]] article for Scribner's Magazine [[/underlined in red]].  Evening took supper with Dr. Harold Peter at Mouquin's
Feb. 7.  (Sunday)  In all day.  Dr   

Transcription Notes:
Nina and George are Baekeland's children, Celine is his wife. tlm Rossi was an associate mentioned in previous diaries. JF Mouquin's was a French restaurant in lower Manhattan. JF

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