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I now heard from Gielow and Orr the [[red underline]] welcome news that Cygnet was still insured. [[/red underline]] They had sent a letter canceling the insurance but before the letter arrived they had received my telegram not to cancel. It was very fortunate that I acted quickly  [[red underline]] Gielow and Orr [[/red underline]] tell me not to do anything to boat beyond getting her at [[red underline]] Petersen's [[/red underline]] yard so that the marine insurance man may inspect her.  In the mean time went to see [[red underline]] [[Antonines?]] with [[red underline]] Petersen [[/red underline]] to have his float and derrick next Monday  I feel very very tired when I went to bed.
July 10  Early to office of [[red underline]] Gielow [[/red underline]] and Orr to discuss [[red underline]] insurance [[/red underline]] with Petersen.  The insurance company will
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send their expert. [[red underline]] Capt. Bagges to see the [[red underline]] wreck [[/red underline]].  Then went to meet Mr. Holt of Erwin & Co brokers, to tell them I may have to buy some securities thru them.  Then to office where I hear checks for dividends will be issued Monday.  [[red underline]] May has had to refuse about $30.000 orders for 450 G [[/red underline]] but will try to make them adopt molding mixtures made of [[red underline]] Cresol. [[/red underline.  Then to [[red underline]] Brooklyn [[/red underline]]
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where I found only Paulus and Walsenberger.  Remained there till past 5.  Charge 4 hours.  Then to [[red underline]] chemists club [[/red underline]], University Club then supper at Unter den Linden, then to [[strikethough]] mov [[/strikethrough]] photo play near by then home.
July 11 (Sunday) Went to meet [[red underline]] Capt. Bagges at Cortland.  A pleasant and well mannered dane.  He [[strikethrough]] thinks [[/strikethrough]] says I
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