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Got along easily and was received with much approval. [[underlined]] Commander Frye [[/underlined]] also spoke but his subject seemed less interesting as it referred less to engineering than to the personel of the Navy.
Jan 20. Here all day. Miss Evans writing final copy of my address. 
[[left margin: [[underlined]] Perkin Medal [[/underlined]] Perkin Medal written in red pencil.  Entries vertical]]
Jan 21. Mild day like spring this morning. Refreshing nap at noon then towards evening [[underlined]] Celine [[/underlined]] and [[underlined]] Nina [[/underlined]] drove with me to visit the Baskervilles. [[underlined]] Celine [[/underlined]] had invited for supper the Mrs. Baskerville, E. H. Hooker, H. S. May, Mc[[?]]iney, Theodore Wagner, Wm Grosvenor, [[strikethrough]] Nr. B [[/strikethrough]] at Delminicos. Mrs. Tahamine and W. H. Nicols were prevented to come. I had arranged private 
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dinner at Clements Club where were assembled. [[underlined]] Grosvenor, Colin F. Fink, Baskerville, [[/underlined]] E. H. [[underlined]] Hooker, [[/underlined]] R. A. [[underlined]] Anthony, Takamine, Bogert, McTlheney, Wagner, May [[/underlined]] and [[underlined]] Whitaker, [[/underlined]] I have been notified by W. A [[underlined]] Mekols, Rosengarten [[/underlined]] and [[underlined]] Alexander Smith [[/underlined]] that they were [[underlined]] prevented [[/underlined]]. At the Club there were over a hundred who had received [[strikethrough]] tables [[/strikethrough]] ascots for general Club dinner. May had made a very effective display of bakelite articles as used in different industries, distributed along the walls and on side tables carefully omitting however any mention of General Bakelite Co. then along the walls a very artistic display of excellent [[underlined]] [[?]] [[/underlined]] prints sent by [[underlined]] Eastmen Kodak Co [[/underlined]]
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