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special contributions for Belgium and other charities and also purchase and outfitting of Yacht ^[[(2220)]], and purchase of new car (1818), also money loaned to Ernest Blanchard, [[?]] etc.
[[strikethrough]] Housekeeping & Celine [[/strikethrough]] I [[red underline]] feel very drowsy [[/red underline]] and tired and uninterested in everything.  Wish [[red underline]] I could get away for awhile. [[/red underline]] Afternoon drove to New York and saw photo-play "Pudd'n head Wilson" after Mark Twain's book. -- Very good  Early to New York for Director's Meeting of [[red underline]] General Bakelite Co [[/red underline]] Everybody present.  Declared a [[red underline]] 11 1/2% [[/red underline]] dividend to everybody's satisfaction and over [[red underline]] $8000 surplus bonus voted for different employes in office, [[/red underline]] factory and lab.  May - [[red underline]] Rossi [[/red underline]] - and [[red underline]] Swan [[/red underline]] each [[red underline]] $1500 [[/red underline]] extra. [[red underline]] Fuller $1200 [[/red underline]] then follow the others inclusive
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everybody at office engaged in work.
Then met [[red underline]] Takamine [[/red underline]] and [[red underline]] Tison [[/red underline]] at Takamine's office. They submitted contract between [[T?]] and [[red underline]] Hooker Co [[/red underline]] in relation to Japanese enterprise.  This  contract not yet signed but submitted for my approval.  Then short lunch Then went to see Willard Hooker and talked to him about present and future of [[red underline]] Hooker Co. [[/red underline]] advising policy of [[red underline]] conservation [[red underline]] etc.  Charge 4 hs. [[# 4 hs. in left margin]] Then went back to office to [[strikethrough]] [[?]] [[/strikethrough]] sign all bonus-checks then consultation over 'phone with Paulus advising him not to put up [[red underline]] iron-lime gas purifier [[/red underline]] as planned by him so as to avoid [[circle with cross above in left margin]] possible blackmail from neighbors or stoppage thru board of health. I advise to purify with NaOH.  charge one hour.
Evening met [[red underline]] C.W. Marsh [[/red underline]]
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