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declaration to that affect. Then shoprt session in library. going thru some routine matters. I was appointed with 5 others member of [[underlined]] Laboratory Committee [[/underlined]] with [[underlined]] instruction to recommend suitable site for laboratory buildings provided by recent act of Copngress. [[/underlined]] Then lunch at Army and Navy Club. [[underlined]] Daniels wanted me to sit at his left and Edison at his right. [[/underlined]] Afterwards we were taken in motor cars to the [[underlined]] Navy Yard [[/underlined]] where the Despatch boat "Dolphin" the Secretary's ship, was waiting for us. Usual presentation of arms, brass band and the 19 shots as salutes to which 17 were answered. Beautiful weather - the Potomac at its best. Then the usual [[strikethrough]] at [[/strikethrough]] salutes of Mount Vernon, just the tolling of the bells, then the Star-
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spangled. Banner. while everybody stands attention and we all with uncovered head. A striking bit of idealism - [[underlined]] where in Europe can [[/underlined]] anyone [[/underlined]] point me out where the name or burial place of any of their sovereigns [[/underlined]] dead and buried since one and a half century is severed as the name and memory as the [[underlined]] Father of this Republic? [[/underlined]] - Beautiful sunset then enter into Chesapeake Bay Cheerful supper, scientific discussions visit and anecdotes. At 8 P.M orderly comes in and says: [[underlined]] Mr. Secretary it is eight bells". "Make it so" [[/underlined]] answers [[/underlined]] Daniels [[/underlined]] and he explains that this is an old ship rule from the time when ship time was set every day and corrected from nautical observations or otherwise, the chief of the ship setting arbitrarily the time. Among different stories Daniels told the following:
[[margin]] Admiral [[underlined]] Berrson [[/underlined]] and Capt. Shother Smith [[/underlined]] and [[underlined]] Daniel's [[/underlined]] Aide Lieutenant [[underlined]] McCandless with us. [[/underlined]] Caption of [[underlined]] Dolphin [[/underlined]] is [[underlined]] Jackson [[/underlined]]


Transcription Notes:
Instructions say to use the word 'underlined' in brackets when words are underlined in text. Seems appropriate because indicates past tense.

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