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Town quiet and makes good appearance.
Bought [[red underline]] 25 cents [[\red underline]] worth of big fresh [[red underline]] prawns [[\red underline]] and boiled them for supper while Albert was visiting the town.  A [[red underline]] big green sea turtle on deck of one of the fisher boats among [[\red underline]] the fish.  Just brought in.  I notice a "dealer in [[red underline]] turtle eggs". [[\red underline]]  This specialty indicates new zone.
[[red underline]] Sugar cane [[\red underline]] for sale in the shops.  [[red underline]] Two canes [[\red underline]] for [[red underline]] five cents. [[\red underline]]  People here [[red underline]] use no sugar. [[\red underline]]  They grind their cane between rollers and evaporate the juice for [[red underline]] molasses [[\red underline]] not for sugar.
There was a slight drip of gasoline on the carburettor and the odor thereof
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kept me awake most of the night.
Nov 16
Bright sunny weather but rather cool westerly winds.  Put in 55 gallons [[red underline]] gasoline at 25 cents [[\red underline]] a gallon.  Then left about 9 A.M.  [[strikethrough]] Bright su [[/strikethrough]] No trouble in finding our way.  Crossed [[red underline]] St. John's River [[\red underline]] at about noon then engaged in a long straight canal across a forest of large pines, [[red underline]] large palmettos, live oak, very picturesque. [[\red underline]] So much so that I [[red underline]] concluded to tie up along the bank [[\red underline]] of this canal, which is some fourteen miles long and cuts thru this wild uninhabited forest.  [[red underline]] Cygnet [[\red underline]] looks extremely [[red underline]] picturesque [[\red underline]] and pretty along this natural setting with her bright hull and brass and 
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